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The LatinAsian: Kimberly Ming

July 16, 2019 MixdGen Season 1 Episode 1
MixdGen Podcast
The LatinAsian: Kimberly Ming
Show Notes

The LatinAsian: Kimberly Ming (@kimberly.ming)

“I wouldn’t be sharing my story if I didn’t think I that I could help other families dialogue and break the ice and learn.”

Kimberly Ming, founder of MixdGen and creator of Youtube video “The LatinAsian: A Chinese and Puerto Rican Woman” has had personal struggles and celebrations within her identity of being MIXD. This podcast has been one of her dreams since she realized the lack of narratives for and by mixed race, multicultural, and interracial families and friends. 

In this episode we hear from her as she breaks down the constructs of race and ethnicity in an open conversation about her life growing up in a predominantly white community in Fort Collins, Colorado with Chinese and Puerto Rican parents. She talks about her hopes for the podcast with hints that this is only the beginning of a journey ahead, because the world is mixing.

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