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#mamason Black | Mexican | Bolivian: Marisela and Alex

July 16, 2019 MixdGen Season 1 Episode 3
MixdGen Podcast
#mamason Black | Mexican | Bolivian: Marisela and Alex
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#mamason - Black | Mexican | Bolivian: Marisela and Alex (@mari_maudi)

“I think as parents sometimes we don’t even want to have those conversations, right? Like, I know I’ve had those moments where I’m like, okay I have to talk about this you know. I have to make sure things are good and how do I start that conversation? But no matter what you have to get yourself to do it because no one else is going to do it for you."
- Marisela, MIXD mama

“We still remember our ethnicity, we still remember who we are, but we still remember that we are not alone and we can be friends with anybody who accepts us with who we are."
Alex, MIXD son, 12 years old

Mama Marisela has been on the search for conversations and spaces for MIXD families for years. Now, she’s on our podcast with her 12 year old son, Alex.

In this episode Marisela speaks about growing up and being from a U.S. cultural identity, Mexican identity, and Bolivian due to her stepfathers influence. She speaks openly about being called “La Morena” or “the brown/tanned/dark skinned girl” highlighting the ways in which color naming play a role in Mexican culture growing up. Her son Alex shares his experience as a Black and Mexican boy with comments directed toward him like “You don’t act Mexican enough. You don’t act Black enough.” He shares gems with us that reflect what it looks like when you are told to embrace all you are in whichever setting you are in.

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