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The Black MIXD (ex)Mormon: Co-Host, Paul Clifton

September 08, 2019 MixdGen Season 1 Episode 5
MixdGen Podcast
The Black MIXD (ex)Mormon: Co-Host, Paul Clifton
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The Black (ex)Mormon: Co-Host Paul Clifton

"I've changed a lot because I don't really care anymore about that. Because I know who I am I know I'm a Black male who's mixed. You know? But that the value I have is what I do. Being an educator. Advocating for immigrant families. The stuff I am trying to build in my community is greater than talking white."

Paul Clifton is the co-host and editor of the MixdGen Podcast. He shares with us his family's background starting with his father's experience as a sharecropper picking cotton in Alabama in the segregated south of the Unites States. On his mother's side he shares his mother's history as Mormon pioneers from Ireland.

In this episode we get a deeper understanding to the intricacies of Mormon culture in Utah, the racial dynamics and demographics of Utah which is 1.1% African American, and hear how Paul developed his racial identity growing up and how it's changed over the years.

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