MixdGen Podcast

Where Have We Been?

September 04, 2020 MixdGen Season 2 Episode 1
MixdGen Podcast
Where Have We Been?
Show Notes

@Kimberly.Ming and @PaulJayClif are back with Season 2 of the MixdGen Podcast.
Listen as they share about the various episodes they recorded solo with different people right before and during the first pandemic either have faced, working 40 hour+ work weeks, and navigating personal life.

They share where they've both been with their creative flow and Kimberly's hypothesis of our racialized America might be shifting as Paul drops this gem:

          Nothing can substantially occur if you can't see someone's humanity without
          knowing someone that belongs to that ethnic group." 

Some real points and some real episodes we have coming to you all! 

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