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Mixd Sibling Stories with Monica Clifton

September 11, 2020 MixdGen Season 2 Episode 2
MixdGen Podcast
Mixd Sibling Stories with Monica Clifton
Show Notes

What we love about this episode is that co-host of MixdGen Paul Clifton (@pauljayclif) and his sister Monica Clifton (@mocliff08) who share a special sibling bond talk about their experience growing up in Ogden, Utah. 

We also hear about how Monica feels within her own family as the recent wave of racial justice unfolds and family members. What does it mean when your racial background as a mixed person is disregarded by another side of your family? When half of your family may not fully understand what it's like to walk in your shoes? 

Thank you Monica Clifton for sharing your story with us in such a transparent manner! 

We hope all our listeners enjoy this episode of Season 2/Episode 2 of The MixdGen Podcast!

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