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Asian Latino Food, Culture, and Storytelling with The Hungry Wons

December 04, 2020 Season 2 Episode 7
MixdGen Podcast
Asian Latino Food, Culture, and Storytelling with The Hungry Wons
Show Notes

It's a holiday season for many cultures throughout the world which is why MixdGen wanted to bring our listeners an episode that talks about food, culture, and storytelling with our our mixd brothers, The Hungry Wons (www.hungrywons.com)

The Hungry Wons are two brothers, Andrew and Jona Won who share a passion for food and storytelling in large part because of their family history as Chinese-Peruvian-Colombians. 

Their paternal grandparents include Jaime Won, born in 1915 in Guangzhou and Leonor Koosau, born in 1927 in Peru but orphaned as a baby and sent to Macau. They bothe emigrated to Peru in 1948  seeking opportunity and a better life and shared an insatiable passion for food, cooking and making memories around the dinner table. They never got a chance to meet their maternal grandfather but their maternal grandmother, Aura Saavedra, was born in 1928 in Bogota, Colombia. She also shared a passion for hearty soups and stews especially Colombian style “sancocho” soup. 

That legacy lives on with The Hungry Wons as they  bring people together and experiment with new Asian Latino recipes. 

FUN FACT: It is estimated that up to 20% of Peru’s population today (6 million people) have Chinese ancestry. 

The first documented Chinese immigrants arrived in Peru in 1849 and were brought over to labor in coastal sugar plantations and mines, to construct rail roads, and to extract guano for fertilizer. “Chifa” cuisine thus emerged as a cross-pollination of Chinese and Peruvian cultures. 

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