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A White Man's Journey Towards Anti-Racism

December 19, 2020 MixdGen Season 2 Episode 8
MixdGen Podcast
A White Man's Journey Towards Anti-Racism
Show Notes

Ben Weeda is the founder of Balenceo (www.bebalanceo.com) and also a white man who has had extensive experience in the Denver Metro Area Nonprofit and entrepreneurial space.

In this episode Ben shares his journey of understanding whiteness, it’s pervasiveness in leadership within the nonprofit community, and some great tools to put into practice for those striving to start or continue their antiracist journey.

He discusses the pyramid of white supremacy, implicit bias, and microaggressions. Ben recommends reading The New Jim Crow and watching 13th available on Netflix to understand one of the many places we see white supremast ideology and systems enacted.

Thank you Ben for being so honest and open about your journey.

AND Thank YOU for listening and sharing our stories with the world.

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